The Story of The Story

is a podcast where we interview writers about their story's journey, from story idea to finished product. We stream the sessions live on our Discord server and upload the recordings here. This podcast is produced by Story Sandbox, in partnership with Storywriting School.

Episode 1

Beware the Snake by Joem Antonio and Ar-Em Bañas


For Little Mouse’s first time to be away from Big Mouse, she is warned about Snake and what Snake does to little mice. Big Mouse prepares Little Mouse for Snake’s tricks, how to notice them and what to do when Snake makes his move.

Beware the Snake is a children's book that seeks to help children identify potential abuse and respond accordingly. How did writer, Joem Antonio and illustrator, Ar-Em Bañas tackle this delicate topic? Find out in this episode of The Story of The Story.

The Story of The Story Conference, March 2023

March 25, 2023 8:00PM PHT | Death in Ten Minutes by Joem Antonio

March 27, 2023 7:30PM PHT | Amihan by Cristina A Montes

March 30, 2023 7:30PM PHT | Tablay by Katrina F Olan

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Episode 2

Death in Ten Minutes by Joem Antonio


Two people discover that they’re just characters in a play; greater knowledge leads to greater powers, until one of them discovers that he is slated to die when the play ends.

Death in Ten Minutes is an award-winning ten-minute play by Joem Antonio. How did this story journey from metatheatre musings to the Short+Sweet stage? Find out in this episode of The Story of The Story.

Episode 3

Amihan by Cristina A. Montes

March 27, 2023
11:30AM UTC/GMT | 7:30PM Philippine Time

With her parents taken by slavers and a little brother to care for, Ami's only hope is her merchant uncle and the pearls he gathers around the archipelago to trade for Ami's parents. But when the pearls are stolen by pirates, Ami sneaks away from her uncle's protection to find the pirates and get the pearls back. On her journey around the islands of what would become the Philippines, Ami risks physical danger, betrayal, and even slavery. She also encounters different tribes and European sailors and priests who open her eyes to new practices—and beliefs.

Amihan is a historical fiction novelette by Atty. Cristina A. Montes. How did her interest in this time period birth a self-published book? Find out in this episode of The Story of The Story.

Episode 4

Tablay by Katrina F. Olan

March 30, 2023
11:30AM UTC/GMT | 7:30PM Philippine Time

MANILA, A HUNDRED YEARS INTO THE FUTURE. Beyond the hyper-technological fortress city of New Intramuros, a century-old war rages on between the Philippine Mech Force and hostile machine life called aswang.

As mech pilot Anya Valerio discovers a dark secret about the enemy, she and her partner—the reserved but brilliant engineer, Chino Jose—must stop the creation of a mega-weapon called Bakunawa before the consequences are irreversible.

Tablay is Filipino for electric charge. It is the soul of the city, the mover and shaker of machines, and the spark between two hearts. It asks us: what good is technology and progress if it is made at the expense of our humanity? It tells us: history might have dictated the present, but the future is what we decided it to be.

Tablay is a best-selling sci-fi novel by Katrina F. Olan. How did her mashup of Pinoy myth and futuristic mecha make its way to print, Kindle, and an upcoming graphic novel? Find out in this episode of The Story of The Story.